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We help enable the next wave of digital evolution for businesses. As partners, we like to get involved right from ideation, through launch, while helping you respond to opportunities, changes, and challenges in the market. We create and evolve sustainable digital solutions that re-imagine your business model, enhance your digital value proposition, and deliver excellent customer experiences.

We lay a foundation of technology, infrastructure, and processes, run and operate cloud solutions, e-commerce platforms, and managed services.

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Rapid Solutions

To help you with your immediate challenges we have developed a holistic set of processes and tools that are flexible enough for your individual needs.

Rapid Solutions

Platform Stabilization

Scale up and stabilize your platform

Rapid Solutions

Business Model Transformation

Accelerate your business model with customer-centric tools

Rapid Solutions

Cost Optimisation

Get transparent with your FinOps

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Netherland’s first B2B food services marketplace

We used MACH technologies to rapidly revolutionize communication, fulfilment, and growth within HORECA, innovatively using technology to solve business model challenges in F&B, in Europe.

With the help of Mindcurv, we delivered a digital commerce platform that is critical for our business. At the same, time they helped us grow and learn in the world of digital commerce.


CEO, Bidfood B.V.


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