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Barcelona office
01. Spain


Barcelona office

Located in the heart of Barcelona, surrounded by the finest cultural and architectural attractions, gives our team many places to enjoy a delicious lunch. Our office space has communal areas and a terrace lunch room, where coffee and tea, soft drinks and healthy food are available. Raining and didn’t bring a lunch? The building has a restaurant where you can enjoy the mediterranean and international cuisine. 

Members of Mindcurv team working on laptops in common are at Mindcurv's office at the World Trade centre in Cochin, India


Members of Mindcurv team working on laptops in common are at Mindcurv's office at the World Trade centre in Cochin, India

The World Trade Centre is home to our stylish office, right in Cochin’s IT hub. The work vibe is flexible, free, and vibrant. Our tight knit Cochin team celebrates India’s many cultural festivals together. When they’re not collaborating in the office’s great space, they’re up to some healthy competition. They have badminton, cricket, and football teams. Another bonus is the next-door, “cult status” restaurant which serves award-winning coastal cuisine.

Mindcurv members working on laptops at Hack Day in Cologne's office.
03. Germany


Mindcurv members working on laptops at Hack Day in Cologne's office.

Our new, modern office space feels friendly. It’s built in a solid, cool industrial building, right near E-Werk, the Palladium concert hall, and the great coffee of Van Dyck Rösterei. Take your calls on a comfy couch or chair, or enjoy music while you work, but still have proper office gear and modern tech at hand. Since our space is in the heart of Cologne’s multimedia area, you’re close to multicultural restaurants and authentic streetfood.

Essen Office
04. Germany


Essen Office

Called “our house”, this location is designed like a home that’s also an office – all in a beautiful historic building, conveniently close to public transit. The Essen team boasts (understandably) about their beautiful lunch and communal space, as well as their lush private garden. So it’s no surprise that they host industry events, meetups, and workshops. Here the fridge is always full of Fritz-Kola and Red Bull. And every year they participate in the dragon boat race.

Madrid Office
05. Spain


Madrid Office

In Alcobendas, our beautiful modern office is set in the middle of a peaceful garden, which even has—wait for it—wild rabbits. With all of the office’s natural light you may feel like you’re working outdoors. Plus, there’s a comfortable kitchen where you can enjoy a meal, or use the much-admired coffee machine. Thus, you get to choose the intensity of your espresso because you can prepare it from coffee beans.

Utrecht Office
06. Netherlands


Utrecht Office

Located in HNK Utrecht West, our office is close to Utrecht Centraal Station and Old Town, which explains why team lunches often take place in nearby tasty restaurants. This office has parking, and a spacious and light common room, which is well stocked with free Nespresso, Clipper Tea, and Tony’s Chocolonely. The Utrecht team is known for being social and going on private canal boat tours.

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