Our client already operated an EMEA-wide digital commerce platform, realising over 300m€ in revenue. They regularly generated 1m€ in a core business hour.

They wanted to offer a perfect service to their customers via mobile app, desktop, OCI, and Ariba-order. Since some customers put forward orders or requests exceeding 2m€, every individual transaction was crucial. It was vital not to miss a single order.


Digital Commerce Platform


Solution Architecture


B2B Wholesale

The client’s services now go

live up to 60 times per year

and in some cases, without

manual intervention.


We installed our customer-centric monitoring suite to keep a tight eye on the service. Because our client is very cost-sensitive, we initially applied a mixed-shore model. However, we soon switched to service solely from our India centre.

We set up a true DevOps mode and enhanced our client’s platform by using our Agile delivery-team approach for defect-fixing campaigns and platform evolution. We also provided testing as a service, and controlled the full deployment and release to achieve our client’s demanding quality standards.

It’s important to note that we go live up to 60 times per year for our client. In some cases, we go live without manual intervention due to our advanced CI/CD setup.


Our client was (and continues to be) extremely happy with the quality and efficiency of our service delivery. Their application is very robust now – as are the operations and security net which we built.