Our client operates in more than 40 countries and had a very heterogeneous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) landscape with only a few countries connected to their Enterprise Service Bus. In fact, they were running more than 15 different ERP solutions such as SAP, AS400, Navision, and small country-specific ERPs.


Customers managed their data in a My Account area, which was part of a centralised SAP hybris digital commerce solution.

Specific organisational and technical challenges included:

  • Making consistent master and order data available and accessible throughout the company
  • Enabling the accounting and sales teams to access customer master data for tracking and changing contracts
  • Allowing the marketing teams to access customer profile data and run online campaigns
  • Enabling the local sales force to generate follow-on business with access to master and profile data


ERP Integration


Solution Architecture


Consumer Electronics

The centralised customer profile

continuously enriches and

extends to give teams

fine-grain data.


We had only three months to deliver the project and integrate it with the various ERPs and the SAP hybris digital commerce platform. We built the solution using our e-business connector suite and a rigid service-contract, driven-integration approach, and delivered it globally in Agile fashion.


All organisations involved across multiple countries can now access three types of relevant data: master customer, order, and profile. The centralised customer profile continuously enriches and extends to give the sales, accounting, and marketing teams fine-grain data.