Our client realised their online customers spent on average 10 to 15% more than their brick-and-mortar customers. As well, purchasing patterns revealed that certain customer groups spent significantly more than others.

The client wanted to identify and test similar patterns by targeting segment customer groups in a more focused way and by delivering personalised experiences for pricing, product, and content levels. Also, the client wanted to measure success and establish a continuous improvement approach.


Data Intelligence
Segmentation Strategy


Business Analysis
Solutions Architecture
Data Analysis


Food Services

Our analytics-driven approach

has increased spend

per customer by 10 to 50%.


We worked together with the client team, analysing and structuring their data and making it accessible from their digital commerce systems.

Together, we defined customer segments and developed a targeting and personalisation concept on a technical and business level. We integrated the existing BI solution (microstrategy) into our client’s digital commerce platform; and leveraged the available segmentation, personalisation, and targeting functionalities. We then could deliver tailored promotions, prices, content, and search results to customers.

Finally, we trained the marketing team, and jointly planned and executed campaigns to optimise processes and establish continued improvement.


Depending on segment and category, our client was able to increase spend per customer by 10 to 50%. They now can follow an analytics-driven approach, launching segment-specific sub-shops as well as customer-specific and segment-specific promotions, content, and prices.