Our client had partnered with a Silicon Valley-based technology start-up to develop IoT product and cloud-based management components. 

The client asked us to help with strategies for application and cloud operations; and designs for first-, second-, and third-level support organisations. As well, we were to verify the technology strategy for stability and operability, develop a monitoring and operations concept, and support the go-live and field-test phases.


Platform Review
Operations Strategy


Solution Architecture



We collaborated with the client

and the start-up to set up

target support and operations

organisation. Step-by-step

market entry was clearly defined.


A small team of our operations and cloud experts joined the client’s organisation to analyse the status-quo and technology strategy, and to develop recommendations for all the requirements. They worked in collaboration with both the client and the tech start-up.

We also reviewed and optimised platform stability and operability.


Our client has been able to design and set up their target support and operations organisation.

Three crucial elements were clearly defined: a field test, a friendly user-test, and a step-by-step market entry.