Innovating Foodl, Netherland’s first B2B food services marketplace

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Mindcurv partnered with Foodl to launch the first open food marketplace in the Netherlands

We collaborated on shaping the business model, defining customer and partner experiences and set up the cloud infrastructure and platform

MACH architecture for scalability, stability, and flexibility


Food & Beverage


Rapid Development
Online Marketplace


Vue Storefront

Did you know that there are more than 15,500 hotels, restaurants and cafes in the Netherlands1? By 2018, the HORECA industry’s annual revenue amounted to 5.8 billion euros1. But even then, food entrepreneurs struggled with an enormous gap in the HORECA online space.

Foodl - Netherland’s first B2B food services marketplace

Context & Challenges

Typically, suppliers sold their products via large scale online vendors. Chefs, bartenders, catering entrepreneurs would purchase inventory through the same vendor. However, this standard online journey, with no contact between suppliers and food entrepreneurs, was far from ideal:

  • Suppliers did not have the insights to provide better products and services to their customers.
  • Food entrepreneurs could not discuss pricing and fulfilment needs to their suppliers.
  • Small business owners like independent caterers and local restaurants were shackled by the often-too-high minimum order costs for delivery
  • Traditional order fulfilment through trucks was highly inefficient and scaling was difficult

Our approach

Mindcurv partnered with Foodl to define the business strategy and objectives, and the operating model. We looked at customer and partner experiences, mapped out user journeys, and designed the platform. Our experience with ecommerce platforms was crucial while creating business processes for Foodl.


Mindcurv's Top Down Approach for Foodl

An exceptional user experience on multiple devices, connectivity to a wide range of touchpoints, and unlimited scalability were identified as essential requirements. To deliver an amazing omnichannel digital commerce experience, we advocated MACH technologies – the best-of-breed Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless. This approach enabled a composable digital shop, where each component was plug-and-play, scalable, and replaceable.

Foodl, Netherland's first B2B food marketplace

The Solution

Mindcurv strategised and built a cloud commerce platform solution to serve as the first open food marketplace in the Netherlands with transparent pricing. We took a vision and rapidly evolved it into a go-to-market implementation.

  • Food entrepreneurs could purchase directly from suppliers.
  • Suppliers could manage their products, inventory, and pricing through the Foodl Supplier Portal.
  • A direct line of communication better-aligned supplier practices and customer needs.
  • A selection of delivery options to support suppliers and food entrepreneurs.

Headless Commerce Backend

The backend was based on cloud-native business applications; commercetools as the commerce engine, and Prismic for CMS. As a headless platform, commercetools offered flexibility and speed and could easily support any channel, without having to set up separate development processes for each.

PWA Frontend

The shopping experience was built by Mindcurv as a Progressive Web App (PWA), enabling users to place orders via any device. The Foodl web app was delivered via Vue Storefront. This enabled Foodl to deliver the same user experience across websites on a desktop or laptop, and an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Foodl was designed to be robust, scalable and
99% serverless

Going serverless

AWS was the backdrop to orchestrate all the integration services for the Foodl platform. The platform was designed to be robust and easily scalable. This allowed us to design the architecture to be almost 99% serverless, using the set of fully managed services from AWS. The Foodl team benefitted from this approach in that they could focus on their core product.

To be 99% serverless, we used


AWS Fargate and Lambda for our compute capacity.

S3 for storage

DynamoDB for Data Stores

SNS and SQS for Application Integration

API gateway as our API proxy


  • Helps keep costs low
  • High availability
  • Can scale based on demand
  • Evolve as per business needs
Gaby Westdorp

We want to give HORECA professionals the same user experience as if they were shopping as a consumer. And this sounds easy if you say it like this, but you have to think of and build everything. Mindcurv helps us in a great way by thinking outside the box.

Gaby Westdorp
Founder, Foodl

The Way Forward for Foodl

Launched in early 2020, Foodl illustrates the potential of bringing together Food & Beverage and technology in the Netherlands. This model of ubiquitous commerce is geared towards future integration, and enables scaling, partnerships and streamlining communication. And Mindcurv is proud to be pivotal to this journey. After debuting in Amsterdam, Foodl has its eye on expanding to other large cities in The Netherlands.

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1Kamer, Lars. “Netherlands: Revenue Index of the Restaurant Industry 2015-2019.” Statista, 17 Sept. 2020,

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