Our client wanted to create a new online brand to connect local food suppliers with local customers. The new brand would enable suppliers to tell the stories behind their products. Suppliers also would determine their own prices and communicate directly with customers. 

The online brand was essential to introducing new elements such as registering online. While the brand was being created, our client was introducing a new digital commerce platform to support both the brand and the main business.




User Experience
User Interface Architecture
Solutions Architecture
Delivery Management


Food Services

Our solution made sure the

client’s brands use one

comprehensive login and

checkout so customers can

choose shared delivery and

invoicing, for ease and economy.


The marketplace was developed, maintained, and delivered entirely by our off-shore team in India, working together with our client team in The Netherlands. Because of the many business concepts required for the new brand, the project was extremely dynamic and depended on a high Agile component.


Our client was able to take their new local food marketplace into a new era, and demonstrate their belief in sustainability and its importance in the way food is produced, delivered, and enjoyed. The marketplace also showed their belief (and ours) in an inspiring online environment to add value and support a healthy business.