Cloud-driven Retail


Reinvent your retail operations and brand experience with innovations on the AWS cloud. We consult and build solutions across customer engagement, digital marketplaces, virtual stores, advanced retail data science, and core retail business competencies.

We empower retailers by augmenting their digital capabilities and know-how, helping them achieve business goals. Our solutions increase operational efficiency and drive innovation to deliver the best experience to customers and increase profits.

Service Offering

Retail Strategy and Innovation

Innovate retail using digital as a business strategy. Draw on AWS to revisit your business model, revamp your UX strategy and evolve your digital platform architecture, and co-create a roadmap for digital transformation.

Platform Experiences

Design retail platform experiences for real business impact. Personalized digital experiences for customers, robust and dynamic e-commerce platforms, scalable and modern online marketplaces, all powered by AWS.

Well-Architected Reviews

We’ll review your application workloads and help you meet the five pillars of AWS’ Well-Architected Framework – Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimisation.

Rapid Cost Optimisation Audit

Need help with AWS cost optimization and improving cloud financial management practices? Our team helps you streamline cloud spends, enhance cost visibility and achieve sustainability and governance.

Rapid Platform Stabilization Audit

Scale and stabilize your platform to capitalize on opportunities. We’ll drive your digital evolution through platform risk assessment, sprints to tackle application, integration, and infrastructure issues, monitoring KPIs, and optimization.

Our Expertise

  • Cloud Migration (Infrastructure and Application)
  • Cloud & Serverless Development
  • Public & Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Kubernetes Enablement
  • IoT Solutions
  • FinOps Consulting
  • Cloud Security & Compliance

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