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B2B Accelerator
B2B accelerator+ diagram

What is Mindcurv’s B2B Accelerator+?

A B2B digital experience accelerator, for commercetools. Licence-free deployment-ready and designed with MACH principles, B2B Accelerator+ extends the acclaimed capabilities of commercetools to your online B2B platform. It has pre-built features that take care of 90 of B2B use cases and is easy to integrate, giving you a composable platform, right out of the box.

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A framework, designed from the experiences of delivering and running complex and large scale B2B platforms that turn-over 850+ m€ in up to 50 countries

Your Business Benefits

Earlier ROI

Earlier ROI

  • Reduce project time by 3-6 months
  • Save >30 on the cost of development
  • Future-proof, cloud-based microservices architectures
  • B2B capabilities at B2C Customer Experience levels


  • Immediate project initiation supported by requirements and running code
  • Faster launch of feature-rich platform
  • Don’t redefine standard features
  • Software changes easily incorporable
Empower your Team

Empower your Team

  • Mature software delivery processes covering quality, security & compliance
  • Start delivery from day 1, no waiting for setup
  • Integrate surrounding solutions without impacting core platform offerings
  • Tooling that supports migration from existing solutions

Feature-rich B2B shop Out of the Box

  •  50+ API endpoints that extend commercetools’ capabilities
  • Complete project backlog (over 500 user stories)
  • Comprehensive set of B2B interaction designs
  • Cloud-first and easily scalable
  • Build and deployment pipelines
  • Automated unit tests
  • Pre-defined APIs for standard business capabilities (PIM, CMS, CRM, Search)
  • Content (CMS) migration tools
  • Complete business process flows
Feature-rich B2B shop

90 of B2B use cases covered

  • Account management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Self-registration
  • Company and user approval workflows
  • Custom catalogues
  • Contract-based pricing
  • Basket sharing
  • Request for quote
  • Order approval workflow
  • Rapid order creation
  • Order subscription
  • Pay on invoice
  • Pay through cost center
  • And more…

Commercetools at its Core

Amplify commercetools

Harness the core capabilities of commercetools, adapted to all major B2B use cases, through 50+ new APIs. For instance, a fully extended security model for user privileges, easy order workflows including upload from a file, repeat previous orders, periodic subscription, etc.

Easy Integrations

Standardised APIs enable the switching of many common packaged capabilities for others. B2B Accelerator+ comes with pre-packaged working integrations for common capabilities like CMS (Contentstack, Bloomreach), PIM (Eggheads), CRM (Salesforce), IAM (Keycloak), among others.

Technology empowerment

Mindcurv and commercetools are part of a group of digital experience experts who advocate best-of-breed Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) technologies, for next-generation digital experiences. B2B Accelerator+ uses the open, flexible and connected approach of MACH principles to ensure future proof digital enterprises

Features built as Microservices, exposed via APIs, delivered natively to the Cloud, with Headless functioning

Questions you may have

What do I get with the B2B Accelerator+?

You get a toolkit that helps you rapidly develop and deploy your new or revamped B2B platform. The toolkit contains processes, API endpoints, wireframes, user stories for customer requirements, and documentation. Together these assets give you important B2B functions, ready to use, in a single package.







User stories


User stories

CI / CD Pipelines & Cloud Platforms

B2B Accelerator pipeline

Do I need licensing for the accelerator?

No, the accelerator is free-of-charge for Mindcurv customers.

Do I need to pay for warranties or upgrades?

No, there are no warranties or upgrades that need to be paid for.

How is the accelerator useful if I’m starting a B2B project?

If you’re starting a B2B project with commercetools, the accelerator will help you navigate requirements, architecture and development. For example, how can these APIs be structured and orchestrated to achieve desired capabilities? Or where will responsibilities lie for the roles and permissions of customers?

The accelerator provides user stories for development and features that are not available in the base commercetools feature set.

How is project time reduced with the B2B Accelerator+?

We’re confident that up to 30 project acceleration will be evident, right from discovery, through all delivery phases. In addition to the software, you’ll save time on the discovery assets documenting the requirements and user experience. Savings will also accrue from following the “railings” or guidelines of the process and the continuous deployment pipelines.

B2B Accelerator+ Features

commercetools Features

Project Specifics

How do I use the B2B Accelerator+?

  • You can use the user stories to scope your own project and map to your specific requirements.
  • You can use the wireframes to explore specific needs with your customers, live discovery, and real-time documentation.
  • You can use the source code as-is, extend it, or use it for inspiration.

And of course, there’s more. Sign up for the guided trial to explore all the ways to use the accelerator.

How does the accelerator help me get the best out of commercetools?

You can view the B2B Accelerator+ as an API orchestration layer that is aligned with top industry thinking on composable commerce. This architecture paradigm lets you seamlessly address any user interface functionality. It wraps commercetools APIs and orchestrates them along with other 3rd party applications to create unique B2B commerce use cases for your customers.

API orchestration diagram

I’m not a beginner in B2B digital commerce platforms. Is the accelerator still useful?

Yes. Even the most digitally mature organizations will benefit from using the accelerator. The wireframes, documentation, diagrams and code will add up to faster delivery and earlier ROI.

Which cloud subscription will I need to run the application?

You can use any cloud service provider or on-premise solution. The tooling is fully agnostic, but the use of some of the features will require configuration – for example sending emails, offline processes, and authentication.

Can Mindcurv operate my platform?

Yes, cloud platform operation is one of our primary services. Learn more about our managed services offering and how simplify the day-to-day operations of your platform

How is this different from a Hybris B2B commerce accelerator?

The B2B Accelerator+ is built to augment commercetools’ features for B2B, extended APIs, and run features independently, while a Hybris accelerator runs on top of SAP cloud commerce following a more monolithic design pattern.

Is the accelerator compatible with my B2C platform?

Yes, it is compatible. Many of the extensions and features that support internationalization, multi-channel configuration, units of measure etc., can be used to enhance your B2C application. We have additional expertise in B2C that can help you create, scale and evolve your platforms. Get in touch to know more.

Will Mindcurv support me for future commercetools API changes that affect my platform?

Yes, of course. Mindcurv assists all customers with upgrades to use new and improved APIs.

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