Rapid Business Model Transformation

Accelerate your business model with customer-centric tools

Why is Rapid Business Model Transformation more relevant than ever before?

Although some companies realised that they didn’t invest enough into their digital channels in the past years, even before COVID-19, the current crisis makes a new digital divide transparent.

Common business challenges

Late adoption of technology

Due to limited investment, customer focus, missing digital DNA in Senior Management and lack of experience with key enablers for success, late adopters are falling behind even more.

Overexpectation of limited online teams

The current crisis forces companies to acknowledge the “sword of Damocles”. Old roadblocks are removed but new (unrealistic) expectations towards online teams are being demanded.

Need to reduce costs

Channel Shift, Field Sales Enablement, Introducing Subscription-Models, launching connected experiences or simply automating the online order entry to reduce cost are typical “urgent demands” we see in the field.

We developed a holistic approach that is flexible enough for your individual business needs.

What you get

We believe it is essential to have a strong partner with a holistic understanding and suitable execution abilities to deal with digital transformation challenges.

Our approach towards digital business model transformation relies on the core principles of Business Design, Lean-Startup Thinking, Customer Centricity, Agile Best Practices, as well as the more classic approaches to change management. They contain the following steps:


Business Model & Business Case

Understand & Visualize current fundamentals

Process and capabilities

Understand existing organisational, process and technical capabilities

Service/Business Design

Understand whether the “where to play” and “how to win” is clear already or whether Service Design/Business Design is needed

Rapid Prototyping

Elaborate “Digital Needs”, identify “Use Case Opportunities” and start “Rapid Prototyping” according to lean-startup thinking

Digital Strategy/Business case

Define key hypotheses and elaborate/refine

Target Operating Model Definition

Including Gap Analysis of key enablers/capabilities and select a “winning team” that can also drive change and act as ambassadors

Agile Processes

Establish a small enough agile organisation with C-Suite Support, teach agile principles and build-measure-learn thinking to Senior Management

Establish the technological and procedural railings

Such as Continuous Delivery Setup, Accelerator Components and Trainings

Minimal Marketable Product

Rapidly define, develop, test and adapt a Minimal Marketable Product including elaboration of Customer Experience, Target Architecture and technology selection


Rapid Solutions

Integrated Feedback

Our integrated approach ensures that our customers receive very early feedback from their prospective customers as we combine qualitative research with intense user testing. Thereby, we ensure that the newly designed business model or business model extensions resonate well with them.

Rapid Solutions

Cost Efficiency

Quick feedback loops and rapid agility delivery in short cost-efficient cycles are being used to test and if necessary, pivot the product or service before heavy investments into costly licenses, backend integration or complex feature development are needed.

Rapid Solutions


As we bring our proven and well-established toolkits and accelerator components into the project, our customers receive access to a savvy, customer-centric delivery approach and can increase their learning curve rapidly.

Want to rethink your digital business?


The State of Commerce Experience

Mindcurv partnered with Bloomreach for an exclusive State of Commerce Experience series. We sponsored the definitive study into the B2C and B2B landscape by Forrester. In addition, participated in a virtual event and a podcast on the evolving eCommerce landscape.

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9 July 2020

Are you in need for speed?

Mindcurv and commercetools hosted a virtual roundtable with REWE and Carrefour, where our experts exchanged views on rapidly transforming your business model and overcoming a new digital divide.

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How can we help you?

Rapid Solutions

To help you with your immediate challenges we have developed a holistic set of processes and tools that are flexible enough for your individual needs.

Rapid Solutions

Platform Stabilisation

Scale up and stabilise your platform

Rapid Solutions

Business Model Transformation

Accelerate your business model with customer-centric tools

Rapid Solutions

Cost Optimisation

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