Rapid Cost Optimisation


Why does Rapid Cost Optimisation matter?

Our customers are facing a multitude of challenges during the COVID-19 Crisis. With liquidity becoming paramount and all operating expenses (OPEX) are under scrutiny by finance departments, a new cost consciousness has entered the world of digital platforms. With our clients, we see that traditional cost management is mastered very well. Nevertheless, transparency gaps open up in the space of cloud platform operations.

Common business challenges

Lack of invoice context

Allocating cloud invoice line items to their actual origin and reason.

Identifying unused services

Identifying shadow IT and unused cloud services.

Cost vs. Performance

Managing the balance between cloud operating cost and digital platform performance.

Our approach: first cost transparency – then cost optimisation.

What you get

We know that unreflected cost reductions can endanger the technical performance of digital platforms. For transactional platforms, this can result in lost revenue or even displeased customers. This is why our Financial Transparency Check for digital platforms includes both perspectives; financial and technical:


Invoice driven infrastructure

Mapping the high-level cloud infrastructure from a financial perspective (invoice-driven)

Tagging/labelling structure

Analyzing the current invoice and tagging/labelling structure

Cost drivers

Identifying major cost drivers evident in invoicing data

Contextual invoices

(Re-)allocating cloud invoice line items to projects, services, etc.

Cross check spend vs. usage

Checking financial spent per allocation against actual usage, therefore identifying immediate savings

Find cost savings

Examining potential cost savings against technical platform performance targets/KPIs

Improving structure

Proposing improved tagging/labelling structure

Final report

Creating a final report with concrete next steps


Rapid Solutions


Gain transparency to avoid unnecessary high costs that directly affect the bottom line of every business.

Rapid Solutions

Upfront “post-mortem”

Our approach helps organisations to do an upfront “post-mortem” to gain control of their cloud related spendings and help to systemically and continuously deal with hidden spendings.

Rapid Solutions

Quick Wins

Quick wins can be realised within days or a few weeks and a company wide awareness and management approach can be implemented.

Looking beyond transparency

Gaining transparency and short-term cost optimization are the first steps in the journey towards a combined view of financials and operations in a cloud context – also known as FinOps. For long-term success, cloud governance should be automated using tools and rules for the financial side in the same way it is done for technical operations.

In businesses where cloud operating costs are a major part of the product cost (e.g. highly-scaling businesses), business models can be re-shaped as the exact drivers of cost get visible and charging mechanisms can be adjusted accordingly. Lastly, a close collaboration between finance and technical operations teams triggers a change in the organizational habits and helps to break down silos.

Why Mindcurv?

Our customers’ platforms seamlessly scaled up by a factor of 10 during the COVID-19 crisis.

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of experience in stabilising and operating digital platforms that are critical for businesses

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is generated from the platforms we run


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Rapid Solutions

To help you with your immediate challenges we have developed a holistic set of processes and tools that are flexible enough for your individual needs.

Rapid Solutions

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Scale up and stabilise your platform

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Business Model Transformation

Accelerate your business model with customer-centric tools

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Cost Optimisation

Get transparent with your FinOps