Rapid Stabilization


Why call it Rapid Stabilization and not “just” Stabilization?

For many businesses, the new reality forced upon us by COVID-19 is making digital platforms the primary channel for engaging with end consumers. This is a double-edged sword, on one side it’s a great opportunity to drive digital transformation through your organization. On the other, it exposes the vulnerabilities in your digital channels. And most of the time, these issues are not only just technology issues. We believe speed will be the crucial and deciding factor for many businesses to continue to survive or thrive in this market.

Common business challenges

Traffic overload

Is your digital platform bursting at the seams with customer traffic?

Unstable and poor performing platform

Are you concerned about your platforms increasing instability and poor performance?

Poor conversion

Are your conversion metrics dropping like flies?

Customer dissatisfaction

Are you social channels flooded with keyboard warriors complaining about how rubbish your platform is?

We developed an approach to put your platform on the path of perpetual and rapid stabilization.

Rapid Stabilization


Rapidly stabilize your platform in 5-steps

Rapid Stabilisation Diagram

1. Audit

Platform Analysis

Risk Assessment

Technical Debt

Organisational Debt

Where in your funnel do you have a problem?


2. Plan

Project Plan

Change Backlog

Create a plan to improve the stability and observability of the platform


3. Execute



Tackle application, integration and infrastructure related issues to improve performance and customer experience


4. Monitor


Logs analysis

Keep an eye on the measurable KPI’s to drive further optimisations


5. Optimise


Sprint backlog

Execute optimisations at content, application and infrastructure level


Rapid Solutions

Expert assessment

of your platform, processes and tools

Rapid Solutions

Implementation of a sustainable processes

and supporting tool chain to deliver high quality solutions with reliability

Rapid Solutions

Speed speed speed…

act and react to the needs of your customers

Why Mindcurv?

Our customers’ platforms seamlessly scaled up by a factor of 10 during the COVID-19 crisis.

10+ years

of experience in stabilizing and operating digital platforms that are critical for businesses

>2,5bn €

is generated from the platforms we run


IoT devices are connected and served by us

Want to rethink your digital business?

On Demand Webinars

26 May 2020

Growth in e-commerce

In this German webinar, hosted by Mindcurv’s partner morefire, our EVP Markus Tillmann discussed how to achieve sustainable growth in e-commerce, optimising its performance during peak times and why they are important for gaining market share.

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30 April 2020

Is DevOps the hidden champion for your digital business?

Together with commercetools, and special speakers from Bidfood and Vorwerk, we discussed whether we underestimate the meaning of professional operations.

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Case Study

Smooth Operations during unexpected peak times

Some of our customer’s platforms have experienced unanticipated peak loads. See how we have helped stabilize their platforms and how we helped rescue ones that were on fire.

How can we help you?

Rapid Solutions

To help you with your immediate challenges we have developed a holistic set of processes and tools that are flexible enough for your individual needs.

Rapid Solutions

Platform Stabilization

Scale up and stabilize your platform

Rapid Solutions

Business Model Transformation

Accelerate your business model with customer-centric tools

Rapid Solutions

Cost Optimisation

Get transparent with your FinOps