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What is the MACH Alliance?

Traditional monolithic platforms restrict the agility and the innovation of your digital commerce platform. Scale your platform to mach speed with the best-of-breed Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) technology, for next-generation digital experiences. MACH technologies enable a composable enterprise where each component is plug-and-play, scalable, and replaceable.











Thanks to its microservices, a MACH architecture works like a modular system. The individual, independently developed and self-contained software components can be freely combined at any time, depending on current needs. Additionally you can different business capabilities are logically separated from one another and thus from dedicated ones Develop teams individually.



The keyword remains flexible. The Application Programming Interfaces, or “APIs” for short, combine two Systems or applications with each other and guarantee fast, secure data transfer. Today APIs have become an integral part of modern sales platforms. Commercetools is allowed to use this context as one of the leading API-first systems should not go unmentioned. The Interfaces enable flexible extensions to be made and thus a cross-channel To offer a digital experience. The API definition is in the foreground of every new software component and represents the interface between different components and teams.



With a MACH architecture, the platform is not only stored in the cloud, it is created including tools and services even in the cloud. A local server is thus completely superfluous, what for example has the advantage that the platform is almost completely protected against failures while it can easily be scaled endlessly.



If the backend is decoupled from the frontend in a shop system, then one speaks of Headless eCommerce. This type of IT architecture enables flexible integration of Microservices via APIs and thus the rapid development of new sales opportunities. In order to the front ends remain decoupled from the business logic. This has the advantage of having new channels such as. VR or social media shopping can be developed very easily.

Basically, MACH is about an IT architecture that enables expansion and adaptation of software platforms in response to new customer needs or changes in the market should facilitate. In combination, the MACH technologies are an unbeatable high-performance solution for modern eCommerce. Compared to monolithic e-commerce platforms that are in a Huge code base to couple many functions with each other and therefore only with enormous effort changeable, digital platforms with MACH architecture are a few levels more agile and more sustainable. The complex business logics of e-commerce are clearly laid out Code puzzle broken down, which can be expanded endlessly via plug-and-play.

The bottom line is for you as the operator of a commerce platform with MACH architecture:


Reduce the total cost of ownership


Enhance the speed of your operations


Offer the best possible customer experience

Mindcurv und die MACH Alliance

We at Mindcurv are a certified MACH agency and can therefore rely on the high-performance MACH Use the technologies of our partners (such as commercetools) and give you a Develop tailor-made, flexible e-commerce platforms. All members of the MACH Alliance are have been subjected to a rigorous test that certifies that they comply with the MACH principles.

As a MACH agency, we have already consulted market leaders and helped them find their Expand business models or apply multiple business models on the same platform operate. We would like to present one of the projects that Mindcurv has done as follows:

casestudy_foodl_b2b food services_component2



Netherland’s first B2B food services marketplace

We used MACH technologies to rapidly revolutionize communication, fulfilment, and growth within HORECA, innovatively using technology to solve business model challenges in F&B, in Europe.


27 OCTOBER 2020

The Case for Cloud-native SaaS

MACH Alliance hosted a webinar on Cloud-Native SaaS where our EVP, Markus Tillmann discussed what it means to upgrade to a Cloud-Native/MACH-compliant Solution and what the benefits are.

MACH Alliance Webinar


Swift Implementation

The MACH enterprise has a decentralized development process. Different development teams can collaborate to get you to market faster. And the decreased inter-dependency of components ensures that the platform always remains robust to platform-wide downtimes.

Customisations Simplified

MACH enterprises work with decoupled frontend and backend systems. Personalisations and customisations are easy and quick. The platform remains simple and robust, even with increased business capabilities and different development teams working on the system over the years.

MACH Alliance - Customisations Simplified

Effortless Scaling

Customers expect more and more from your e-commerce platform. MACH’s cloud-native principles allow you to be nimble, meet new expectations, and scale your e-commerce presence as quickly as your business grows. Adopting microservices ensures that high frontend traffic does not impact backend operations.

MACH Alliance - Faster Updates

Faster Updates

In the MACH enterprise, updates affect only individual components and do not require platform-wide testing. This coupled with the API-driven approach ensures that updates are quick and breezy, with no risk of crashes.

Get only what you need

No more paying for features and functionality your business doesn’t require. In the MACH enterprise, each component serves a specific business function. This creates a leaner and more efficient technology stack.

Get best-in-breed solutions

Pick and choose the service provider that specializes in exactly what you need. MACH’s vendor-agnostic approach allows you to leverage services that match your exact business needs.

Get best-in-breed solutions

Mindcurv and the MACH Alliance

Mindcurv is part of a group of digital experience/commerce experts who advocate open and connected tech to ensure future proof enterprises and to propel current and future digital experiences. Collectively, the voices of its members represent the next generation of technology and business.

Mindcurv has always adopted the MACH principles and embraced the modern and agile ecosystem. For more than 5 years, we have been carving-up monolithic platforms and building API-first. We consulted and helped market leaders extend their business models or run multiple business models on the same platform.

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