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Best-of-breed Microservices, APIs, Cloud and Headless (MACH) technology to build next-generation digital experiences.

What is the MACH Alliance?

A group of digital experience/commerce experts who advocate open and connected tech to ensure future proof enterprises and to propel current and future digital experiences. Collectively, the voices of its members represent the next generation of technology and business.

The aim is to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape and enable businesses to benefit from open tech ecosystems:

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Cloud native



MACH technologies enable a composable set-up where each component is plug-and-play, scalable, and replaceable. This ensures agility for your platform and a better user experience.

The MACH Alliance will ensure the best-of-breed alternative is clear, visible and widespread, by:

Sharing technical knowledge

about MACH, and why and when it is better than what a suite can offer.

Creating best practices

that show organizations how to transition to a MACH architecture, as well as its products and services.

Standardising the selection criteria for enterprises,

such as what to ask for when RFP’ing tech vendors.

Publishing technical documentation

demonstrating how to integrate MACH technologies.

Hosting events, developing a community

and serving as a collective resource on leveraging MACH to create better digital experiences.

Why is Mindcurv part of this alliance?

Mindcurv has always adopted the MACH principles and embraced the modern and agile ecosystem. For more than 5 years, we have been carving-up monolithic platforms and building API-first. We consulted and helped market leaders extend their business models or run multiple business models on the same platform.

We approach this by architecting, building, and running their “new digital hearts and brains”. 

We have a deep understanding of the organisational and technical challenges that product and manufacturing companies face when they try to launch digital services on top of their offerings.

We help them navigate the technology decisions to transform large parts of organisations to adequately serve customers through existing offline, online, and additional digital and device touch points.

Instead of producing another “glossy, feature-heavy site”, Mindcurv believes in helping companies understand how “effective user experiences” and “differentiating features”, that empower their business model, can be designed.

The benefits you get from Mindcurv being a MACH Alliance member

Thought leadership on tech strategy and digital strategy

Get insights on why applying MACH principles helps to rapidly build-up adaptive, nimble, and future-ready architectures and how your business and customers can leverage it in the best possible way.

Early access to trends and market movements

Benefit from our strong relationship with leading SaaS-Vendors and other digital SIs through early insights into new ideas, trends, and market movements that help you stay ahead of the pack and decide whether it is worth following that latest hype.

Guidance and benchmarking for Continuous Evolution

Get guidance and direct feedback on topics that are key to the “continuous evolution path” but many non-MACH vendors purposely keep blurry. We continuously research, test, and compare vendor promises, solutions, and business benefits. As we have access to the masterminds behind MACH-technologies, we can provide answers to tricky questions others cannot easily provide.

Technical topics made understandable for business people

Architects, Developers, and Tech Marketers have developed their own lingo to talk with impetus about Microservices, API-first, Cloud Native and Headless. But what does it actually mean and what’s in it for you as a business person? We speak your language and help you understand and distill out why something is relevant for you.

We are proud to join the MACH alliance as we strongly believe applying MACH principles, besides higher agility and more rapid go-lives, often leads to a higher level of differentiation and thereby to higher level of business value creation for our customers and our customers’ customers.

Markus Tillmann

Executive Vice President, Mindcurv

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