100 Sprints and counting…

A Digital Transformation Journey with Bidfood

After completing 100 sprints with Bidfood, we look back at the digital transformation journey that we helped create.

Bidfood is one of the largest food wholesalers in the Netherlands. Mindcurv has helped them orchestrate their digital transformation journey. This month, after eight years of successful collaboration, we completed a century of sprints! 

Let’s put this into perspective! We started Sprint one way back in 2012. So, in terms of working time, that is: 430 Weeks, 2150 Days, 17200 Hours.

“With the help of Mindcurv, we built a digital commerce platform that is critical for our business. At the same, time they helped us grow and learn in the world of digital commerce.” Dick Slootweg, CEO, Bidfood B.V.

Along the way, we completed:

7051 Stories

28204 Story Points

2149 Stand-up meetings

Phew! That’s a lot of calories burnt

21678 Tasks

4991,5 “stroopwafels”

Still working on the last half

100 is not just a number.

It was a long journey of learning; 100 sprints of challenges, 100 sprints of great ideas and solutions, and 100 sprints of collaboration with the Bidfood team. Moreover, it is 100 sprints of trust.


Senior Commerce Developer, with Mindcurv since 2012
Has worked on all 100 sprints!

Digital Transformation Journey

We see digital transformation as a long journey an organization has to undertake to achieve perpetual change. By having the right tools and processes in place, it was a successful milestone as a result of the steps we took together with Bidfood to establish a foundation of which we could work together.

We celebrate this great achievement and its success is a result of the relentless support from the Bidfood and Mindcurv team. We look forward to continuous collaboration and to the many sprints to come.

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