Mindcurv Acquires Cloud Consulting Group

16 March 2021

Cloud Consulting Group (CCG), one of Germany’s top Salesforce Partners, has announced joining forces with Mindcurv Group. Now, with their joint capabilities, Mindcurv + CCG can seamlessly digitalize how leading businesses interact with their customers end-2-end across the full experience lifecycle. With their mixed-shore model, Mindcurv + CCG will continue to enable the 24×7 growth and scaling of their customers’ digital business operations worldwide, from the Americas to Europe to Asia.

Founded in 2011, CCG quickly established itself as a leading Salesforce Partner, helping companies digitalize their marketing, sales, and service operations. Besides offering expertise in the healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries, CCG also helps numerous non-profit organizations “go-digital”.

“While we were extremely confident in our abilities to help our clients digitalize most of their customer interactions, we recognized there was a gap in our portfolio, namely commerce. With Mindcurv’s expertise in transactional digital, we can now close this”, says Mario Raabe, CCG co-founder, and Managing Director. “Moreover, with Mindcurv’s international operations, we will more quickly expand our services beyond the DACH market.”

“We had the luxury of being able to choose who we wanted to continue CCG’s journey with.” underscores Peter Ihbe, CCG co-founder and Managing Director. “Besides powerful portfolio synergies between our two companies, decisive for selecting Mindcurv was their culture which, like CCG’s, values authentic individuals doing highly professional work as a team that likes and trusts one another.”

Also founded in 2011, Mindcurv designs and implements advanced transactional digital solutions for B2B and B2C clients across Europe such as Nikon, Bidfood, Vorwerk, and Carrefour. Mindcurv believes that business success today requires companies to be capable of perpetual digital evolution. This is why Mindcurv also specializes in building and operating highly scalable cloud infrastructures off of which digital business can rapidly grow. In fact, in 2020, Mindcurv was responsible for over €3B in revenue generated across the digital platforms they built and operate.

Amjad Liaquat founder of Mindcurv sitting in Essen office

CCG’s offerings and team are the next of many puzzle pieces that will fit perfectly to realise Mindcurv’s growth strategy. Together, we will offer clients even broader and deeper digital services. It’s an exciting and great next step for everyone; our employees, clients, and partners!

Amjad Liaquat

CEO, Mindcurv

About Cloud Consulting Group

Founded in 2011, Cloud Consulting Group has quickly established itself as a leading regional Salesforce partner helping companies digitize their marketing, sales, and service operations. In addition to expertise in the healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing sectors, CCG also helps non-profit organizations to go digital.

About Mindcurv

Mindcurv helps you r/evolutionize your digital. They create digital solutions that enable organizations to have a revolutionary impact on the experiences of their users, as well as their own company. They lay a solid and flexible foundation of technology, infrastructure, and processes, on which companies can further develop their digital capabilities to respond to opportunities, changes, and challenges in the market. Mindcurv partners with those who understand that sustainable success in the digital world consists of part revolution, but above all rapid and continuous evolution.

For any further information or inquiries, please contact:

Su Ha – su.ha@mindcurv.com