Mindcurv Goes Carbon Neutral

18 December 2020

The science couldn’t be more clear. The world confronts a looming carbon problem. Climate experts agree that urgent action is needed to reduce carbon emissions to “net-zero”. That’s why Mindcurv is proud to announce that we are now officially carbon neutral.

Mindcurv has joined the Climate Neutral Now initiative that was launched by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The goal is to contribute to climate action that helps achieve a climate neutral world by 2050, as per the Paris Agreement.

The Climate Neutral Now program underscores the need for a 360° climate strategy to create positive outcomes. When emissions cannot be avoided or reduced, Mindcurv compensates by investing in CO2 offset projects that are UN certified emission reductions (CERs). These usually combine reforestation with bettering the livelihoods of rural communities. The compensation for 2019 was made through the Reforestation of degraded land by MTPL in India.  

Alongside being an innovation and technology company, Mindcurv aspires to be climate-responsible. The Climate Neutral Now initiative complements our commitment to  r/evolutionise businesses for meaningful impact.

Amjad Liaquat founder of Mindcurv sitting in Essen office

We need to reduce our impact on the environment, wherever we can. We calculated our CO2 emission, and worked together with our investors, GENUI Partners, towards offsetting this. The Climate Neutral Now program resonates with our values. We talk about R/evolutionising businesses, and here, it starts with us.

Amjad Liaquat

CEO, Mindcurv

About Mindcurv

Mindcurv helps you r/evolutionise your digital. They create digital solutions that enable organizations to have a revolutionary impact on the experiences of their users, as well as their own company. They lay a solid and flexible foundation of technology, infrastructure, and processes, on which companies can further develop their digital capabilities to respond to opportunities, changes, and challenges in the market. Mindcurv partners with those who understand that sustainable success in the digital world consists of part revolution, but above all rapid and continuous evolution.

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