Mindcurv Partners with Frontastic to Deliver Digital Experiences Faster

14 September 2020

mindcurv and frontastic logos banner

Mindcurv welcomes Frontastic as our technology partner in r/evolutionising digital experiences.

Since 2011, Mindcurv has been carving-up monolithic systems and building API-first solutions for enterprise-level customers. We architect, build, and run digital platforms that help market leaders extend their business models. Mindcurv believes in enabling companies to redesign their business through effective user experiences and differentiating features.

Frontastic offers businesses and back-office users a new approach to creating modern, user-centric front-end experiences through its Frontend-as-a-Service approach. Through configurable ready-made components, back-office users/merchants can rapidly develop or modify content and product pages, without coding or IT involvement. The mobile-first approach enables ambitious online retailers and marketplaces to implement a modern customer-centric digital experience effortlessly. Since its inception in 2017, Frontastic has grown to be a key front-end solution for the API economy.

Mindcurv + Frontastic = Next-Gen Digital Experience

Mindcurv understands the organisational and technical challenges of launching and building-out digital services on top of products. Our partnership with Frontastic will be pivotal in rapidly delivering modern digital commerce experiences and will empower back-office users/merchants to design, evolve, and maintain engaging customer experiences.

Frontastic offers a faster and more flexible front-end through Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for headless CMS and commerce solutions. Brands can focus on the key aspect of mobile customer experience while also offering engaging front-end experiences on other devices. Speed of development is crucial to market success and Frontastic’s Frontend Editor allows businesses to rapidly edit and manage their online store without any coding. With the reduced dependency on front-end developers, brands can be more agile and proactive in managing their online stores.

We believe Frontastic will help us deliver great experiences faster and more efficiently and will empower our customers’ non-technical staff to maintain seamlessly, evolve, and improve their customers’ digital commerce experiences.

Markus Tillmann

Executive Vice President, Mindcurv

About Frontastic

With its Frontend-as-a-Service, Frontastic is rethinking the digital customer experience. Radically based on “mobile first”, the solution enables ambitious online retailers, brands, marketplaces, or even agile start-ups to easily implement a customer centric digital experience with minimal IT effort. Within a short period of time, Frontastic has successfully established itself as the new standard frontend solution for the API economy.

Find out more about Frontastic on frontastic.cloud, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Mindcurv

Mindcurv helps you r/evolutionise your digital. They create digital solutions that enable organisations to have a revolutionary impact on the experiences of their users, as well as their own company. They lay a solid and flexible foundation of technology, infrastructure, and processes, on which companies can further develop their digital capabilities to respond to opportunities, changes, and challenges in the market. Mindcurv partners with those who understand that sustainable success in the digital world consists of part revolution, but above all rapid and continuous evolution.

For any further information or inquiries, please contact:
Su Ha – su.ha@mindcurv.com