Bloomreach provides market-leading commerce experiences, for more than 250 retail and B2B brands, including Puma, HD Supply, Neiman Marcus, Bosch, and Marks & Spencer. Their intelligent content, search and sales solutions make customer journeys unique and drive sustainable KPIs. As a Bloomreach Partner, Mindcurv has done exciting work for many valuable clients. Our services include:

  • Consulting around Bloomreach and your headless commerce solution
  • Strategy development for your individual Bloomreach Experience
  • Design, implementation & configuration of brX as your new commerce platform
  • UX design
  • Bloomreach training for your team

Mindcurv and Bloomreach team up to solve your business challenges

With Mindcurv as your Bloomreach partner, you can get started and optimize your commerce experience, with the Everything as a Service concept. Our modular solution stack allows you to start only with the products you need. The out-of-the-box component-based architecture covers most of the Digital Experience use cases across the entire customer lifecycle and allows quicker time to value. The Bloomreach experience that we provide is open and API-first and can be integrated with a variety of front-end technologies and continuous development. A limitless number of flexible deployments are also possible, right from Java to headless, head-optional, hybrid.

Bloomreach has partnerships with the leading E-Commerce platforms, including SAP Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, commercetools, ElasticPath, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This makes it the ideal choice for a modern digital customer experience. The Mindcurv-Bloomreach value proposition revolves around:

  • Orchestrating the customer experience through personas, customer journey mapping, omnichannel experience, ML/AI-based automation, and A/B testing and insights
  • Bringing offline interaction consistently online
  • Improving on-site Search
  • Preparing for transactional digital business (B2B e-commerce, sales)
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The State of Commerce Experience: B2C and B2B in Europe

Mindcurv partnered with Bloomreach for this definitive study into the B2C and B2B landscape, before and during the COVID-19 crisis, conducted by Forrester Consulting. These insights provide a sweeping view into the State of Digital Commerce today.

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