We design to scale to make your digital relationships better.

Designing to scale means keeping three things in focus: people, process, and tools. They’re top of mind when we create, manage, and evolve advanced digital platforms, cloud infrastructures and IoT experiences.

And good news – we’re structured to offer end-to-end services, from strategy and user experience, to building and optimizing your platform.

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We take a holistic look at your digital problems. While making sure we understand all your complexities and data, we design simple solutions that are future ready to enhance your customer experience.

When we plan, we drive effective digital solutions through analysis and research in the following areas:

Strategy | User Experience | Creative | Systems & Platforms | Technical Requirements

Design & Validate

We bring together our user experience, design, and technical capabilities through agile processes. We build a beautifully designed experience with a sound technical foundation that can guide users through each stage of the customer journey.

In this stage, we focus on the following project milestones:

Build | Integrate | Migrate | Test | Automate | Verify | Go Live


After we deliver, we don’t walk away. You can continue to make changes to your platforms and processes. That’s what we call continuous delivery – the principle on which Mindcurv was born.

During this stage of your digital solution, we focus on:

Operations | Management | Support

Optimise & Grow

Acting as interim product owners, we analyse business processes and challenges. Therefore, we don’t just set the stage for you. We track with the spotlight, strategizing where else to forage for continuous growth and improvement.

When we optimise and grow your digital solution, we turn our attention to:

Enhancements | Scaling | Innovation



  • Commerce
  • Marketplace
  • Mobile
  • Digital Experience Manager
  • Search
  • Product Information Manager
  • Order Management
  • Project or Platform Rescue


  • Managed Application & Infrastructure
  • Continuous Delivery/DevOps  Automation
  • Core Cloud Infrastructures
  • Cloud Migration
  • Business & Customer Centric Monitoring
  • Capacity & Cost Managment
  • Compliance – Security & Privacy
  • Test as a Service


  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Data science/ Engineering services
  • Advanced Visualisation
  • Deployment and maintenance