Rapid Stabilisation

Of digital transactional platforms
Why does platform stability matter?

Our customer‘s platforms were able to scale up by a factor 10 during the COVID-19 Crisis without problems. This helped them to disproportionately benefit from increased demand during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately we have seen other businesses challenged with severe stability issues with their platforms.

Our Approach towards platform stabilisation

Health Check for Digital Transactional Platforms

  1. Understanding Business Case Fundamentals.
  2. Understand Organisational Setup
  3. Platform Observability Review
  4. Platform Architecture Review
  5. Dependency Review (ERP, Pricing, Inventory, Global Promotions, CRM, etc.)
  6. Platform Service Management Review
  7. Performance Test Preparation & Execution
    Report Creation is completed
Why you should talk to mindcurv?

We run platforms that turn over >2,5bn€ of online revenue, and serve and connect >3m IoT devices.

  • We are experienced in stabilising “burning platforms” and in preparing them for future growth.
  • Our team has helped market leaders in the retail, wholesale, food services, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries for over 15 years. We’ve guided our customers to prepare their digital transactional platforms for peak events such as Cyberweek, Christmas sales, and omni-channel campaigns.
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26 May 2020

Growth in e-commerce

In this German webinar, hosted by Mindcurv’s partner morefire, our EVP Markus Tillmann discussed how to achieve sustainable growth in e-commerce, optimising its performance during peak times and why they are important for gaining market share.

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30 April 2020

Is DevOps the hidden champion for your digital business?

Together with commercetools, and special speakers from Bidfood and Vorwerk, we discussed whether we underestimate the meaning of professional operations.

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Case Study

Smooth Operations during unexpected peak times

Some of our customer’s platforms have experienced unanticipated peak loads. See how we have helped stabilise their platforms and how we helped rescue ones that were on fire.

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