On Demand Webinars

27th OCTOBER 2020


The Case for Cloud-native SaaS

MACH Alliance hosted a webinar on Cloud-Native SaaS where our EVP, Markus Tillmann discussed what it means to upgrade to a Cloud-Native/MACH-compliant Solution and what the benefits are.

9th July 2020


Are you in need for speed?

Mindcurv and commercetools hosted a virtual roundtable with REWE and Carrefour, where our experts exchanged views on rapidly transforming your business model and overcoming a new digital divide.

17th June 2020


The State of Commerce Experience: B2C in Europe

Mindcurv and Bloomreach hosted a State of Commerce Experience virtual event which included guest speakers from Forrester and Europe’s largest retailer Carrefour. The experts shared the latest market intelligence and fresh insights with a lens on B2C commerce in Europe.

26th May 2020


Growth in e-commerce

In this German webinar, hosted by Mindcurv’s partner morefire, our EVP Markus Tillmann discussed how to achieve sustainable growth in e-commerce, optimising its performance during peak times and why they are important for gaining market share.

30th April 2020


Is DevOps the hidden champion for your digital business?

Together with commercetools, and special speakers from Bidfood and Vorwerk, we discussed whether we underestimate the meaning of professional operations.

19th June 2019


Using Machine Learning to Detect Anomalies in Kubernetes at Elastic {ON}

Visitors learned how we’re using machine learning to auto-detect anomalies across millions of events in Kubernetes. Our Platform Engineering Team complemented their platform observability with Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.